AfriLabs Academy

The overarching objective of the Academy is to BUILD SUCCESSFUL VENTURES as the ultimate goal of innovation hubs in Africa

Other objectives include;

  • Develop Technical Business Skills: Designing curriculum modules for the Technical business skills development of innovation hub management teams.
  • Enhance Capacity for Business Development: Determine viable operational models for innovation hubs including product offerings, hub management and funding mechanisms. Promote financial sustainability of innovation hubs: Development of viable business models and revenue streams to promote sustainability and profitability of innovation hub operations.

Characteristics of AfriLabs Academy

  • Bespoke for African Hubs: The courses have been developed with focus firmly on the challenges and realities that currently subsist in Africa. For the creation of the curriculum, a needs assessment was conducted to identify the specific challenges that restrict the impact African Hubs are able to have on their communities.
  • Practical and interactive approach: The courses are designed to provide actionable lessons that can be applied within the current realities of African Hubs. There are quizzes and assignments incorporated for better assimilation.
  • Interactive courses: In addition to the course content there are rich resources provided to ensure interactivity for better assimilation and an engaging learning experience. Inclusive for the ecosystem: The courses have been curated and adapted to the Francophone community. In time, the curriculum will be extended to other communities within the ecosystem. Certificates on completion: The courses are certified by Strathmore University, Kenya. Hence, by going through this training, participants will get the opportunity to earn career-advancing certificates.

The AfriLabs Academy is live!