Virtual Meetup Grants

The Virtual Meet-up grant is a 2,000 euros grant given to 3 hubs at the end of each AfriLabs Hubs Learning week. One of the AfriLabs Learning Week webinars will be focused on stakeholder management and ecosystem community engagement; which will cover strategies on building successful start-up communities, holding meetups focused on thematic and development issues and managing multiple stakeholder groups.

After this specific webinar, applications for submission of meetup ideas tailored to implementing the lessons learned from the webinar will be accepted. Each one-page long submission must reflect actual strategies covered in the capacity building session and demonstrate how the start-ups, developers, innovators and other stakeholder groups will be engaged to raise awareness and discuss important issues around the thematic issues. The top 3 submissions will be granted 2,000 Euros to execute Virtual Meetups in their city.

Activities leading to the Virtual Meetup Grant Activities

Call for facilitators

Screening of applications

Selection and announcement of winners

Onboarding of winners

Disbursement of grants

Capacity Building Awards/Hubs In Residence