2020 AfriLabs Hubs Learning Week Special Edition

The AfriLabs Hubs Learning week is a series of virtual capacity building workshops that empowers innovation hub managers and staff with requisite and formal incubation management training and skills required to start, operate and expand hubs/innovation centers in Africa.


The programme is also open to stakeholders within the African ecosystem like Government, Corporate Organizations, Developmental organizations, Venture capitalists, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs and individuals who want to learn about setting up innovation and creative centres in Africa.

This Special Edition comprises 5 English and 5 French sessions across 5 days of learning and 6 Virtual Meetup Grants worth 2,000euros each to be won!

Webinar Date: Monday, 16th November 2020 to Friday, 20th November 2020

Sessions at 11:00am GMT

Platform: Webinar Jam

Business Models, Management and Technical Skills to Navigate through COVID - 19

Date: Monday the 16th of November 2020.

CEO, Dream Factory, Bostwana.

Lusanda Magwape is an admitted Attorney who holds a Masters in Commercial Law from the University of Cape Town. Her passion for education and youth empowerment saw her founding Dream Factory Foundation in 2011, an award winning organization that empowers young people through education, equipping them with skills and creating meaningful opportunities to become active citizens living purpose driven lives. She is also a Cordes Fellow; an AU/EU Cooperation Hub Youth Expert; a Facebook Community Leader Fellow and Facebook Certified Community Manager.

Incubation Models that Support Startups Move from Idea to Real Product and Develop Sellable Products and Services

Date: Tuesday, the 17th of November 2020.

Founder, The Village Innovation Network

Takunda Chingonzo is the founder of The Village Innovation Network which is a support network that focuses on innovation and technology and its ability to empower organizations and communities through entrepreneurship. The Innovation Network includes organizations like the TechVillage Hub and Velociti Ventures which strive to support startups and the entrepreneurs that create them. Takunda’s vision is to help build 1000 start-ups in and around Africa by the year 2025. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in Zimbabwe and a Board Member of Afrilabs, a network of over 200 hubs across 47 Africa countries.

Best Practices of Hub Management; Finding, Hiring and Retaining the Right Talent that Builds your Organization

Date: Wednesday, the 18th of November 2020.

Ecosystem and Partnership Director, Wennovation Hub Nigeria

Kester Audu has over 10 years of educational and professional work experience. He is a returning expert of the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), and Placement Services (ZAV) of the German Federal Employment Agency. CIM supports Business Ideas for Development and places experts and managers in developing countries and emerging economies to further create opportunities and provide sustainable solutions. Kester is passionate and committed to Innovation, Corporate Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship In Africa.

Building successful women owned businesses through effective mentorship strategies

Date: Thursday, the 19th of November 2020.

Founder and CEO Disruptive Lab Gambia

With his passion for philanthropy and impact work, Malik founded The Disruptive Lab, Gambia’s first Innovation Center, Tech hub, and co-working space; with a goal to boost human capital, digital literacy, and successful entrepreneurial programs. The tech hub focuses on digital inclusivity, transformation, and education. Additionally, The Disruptive Lab’s sister hub; The Woman Boss, was created to provide women entrepreneurs with an inspiring community and an experiential process that catalyzes innovative thinking and enables them to successfully scale their businesses.

He has over 20 years of experience in the Managed IT Services, Cloud Hosting, and IT Consulting Industry, having worked for various companies heading their digital infrastructure.

Virtual Enterprise Development to Support the Growth of Startups Across the Continent

Date: Friday, the 20th of November 2020.

Founder and CEO, Jacaranda Hub Zambia

Mara Zhanet Michelo is the founder and Country Director of Jacaranda Hub Zambia, an organization that aims to develop young people through the provision of collective services, infrastructure, and specialized tools and equipment. They provide a conduit of resources and programs for individuals and aspiring MSMEs with growth potential. The programs are run through their hub with the support of their various partners. They are targeted at improving the Startup/ MSME ecosystem. They use ICT to create innovations that are tailored to meet the needs of MSMEs. They also promote the use of available local resources to upgrade skills through formalized training programs all aimed at improving people's lives, businesses, and public service. The result is socio-economic impact and commercial growth that is driven by young people across Zambia.

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