2021 AfriLabs Hubs Learning Week Series 5

The AfriLabs Hubs Learning week is a series of virtual capacity building workshops that empowers innovation hub managers and staff with requisite and formal incubation management training and skills required to start, operate and expand hubs/innovation centers in Africa.

The programme is also open to stakeholders within the African ecosystem like Government, Corporate Organizations, Developmental organizations, Venture capitalists, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs and individuals who want to learn about setting up innovation and creative centres in Africa.

Sessions at 11:00am GMT

Platform: Webinar Jam

Lusanda Magwape

CEO, Dream Factory Foundation, Bostwana

Topic : Think Sustainability! Innovative Fundraising Ideas for African-Based Hubs.

Time: 11am GMT, Monday 22nd March 2021.

Session Summary

Moureen Lembris Mollel

Project Manager, Ennovate Hub Tanzania

Topic : How to identify and address the needs of early stage startups in order to better support them.

Time: 11am GMT, Tuesday, the 23rd March 2021.

Session Summary

Wale Bakare

Co-founder/ Product and Innovation Manager, dHub Innovation Centre, Nigeria

Topic : Strategic business models to aid scaling up of startups.

Time: 11AM GMT, Wednesday, 24th March 2021.

Session Summary

Asase Courage Komla

Managing Director, Ho Node Hub, Ghana

Topic : Management concepts and techniques to foster Hub Growth and Expansion.

Time: 11AM GMT, Thursday, 25th March 2021.

Session Summary

Francess Cowan

Communications Officer, JokkoLabs, Banjul

Topic : How to build a strong brand identity and communication plan for your hub.

Time: 11AM GMT, Friday, 26th March 2021.

Session Summary

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